Tuesday, 30 December 2014

January Birthday Cards

One of my dear friends has an early January birthday and I wanted to make her a more personalized card with Birthday Classics: January stamp set. I decided to CASE Ashley's card. This was my version, changing out the coffee cup for a mug and making it purple since that is my friend's favorite color.
Unfortunately, I stamped the sentiment slightly crooked (I wish my MISTI would get here!) so I decided to make another one to send my friend. She is a fellow crafter and I wanted her to have a mistake free card. I decided I really liked the coffee cup Ashley used and made this card:

No purple but I think the red goes better with kraft. I hope she likes it!

Lastly, I decided to decorate a moleskin sketch book in an attempt to start crafting more regularly and journal my crafting. Here is the book:
Inside, on the first page I wrote a few goals for 2015:
  • Do something crafty nearly every day
  • Make 2-3 cards a week
  • Send a card to a friend at least once a month (preferably weekly)
  • Participate in a challenge once a week
  • Use a stamp set that has never been used once a week
I spent the last few days reorganizing my craft room. Everything is clean and in its place ready to be used. I have so many stamp sets that have never seen ink. I plan to remedy that this year. I'm not saying that I won't buy more but I need to be more selective and really use what I have and only buy things that fill a gap. My husband and I have decided to cancel cable in hopes to be more active in the new year and also, I hope it encourages me to go to my craft room instead of plopping on the couch in the evenings. I didn't set a goal to post on the blog so my sporadic posting will probably continue :)

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